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Edit With Me "Kahlana Target Reel"

$25.00 USD

We were making reels before reels was a thing lol.

I'm excited to get back to my creative editing and even more excited to get back to sharing my process with you all! Edit with me live and see how I came up with some of my most recents edits for IG and tikTok videos. This will be a 1hr class!

Ask all the questions you like! I edit in premiere but the style of editing can be done not only in FCPX but also on some of the apps. Just know that these apps are limited on how creative you can really be. It's best to come already having premiere knowledge or know how to work in premiere. If not you can also take my premiere one-on-one class. (Ask me about that class)

Excited to continue to teach and excited to see some of your reels from this!

Emails will go out when the spots are filled with a zoom link as well as a form on what days work for everyone the best!

Thank you all.

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